I love colour blue! For me it stands for hope, forthcoming good things in life and confidence. So, when time came to start this blog that talks about family break ups involving citizens of different countries, I could not think of a better name than Blue Lotus!

I am a marriage counsellor. I see couple in deep distress and clueless about how they are going to take it forwards. Especially, in cases of international families. Domestic families, I must say are in far better position to move on with their lives than international families. For them not just their relationship, their existence itself is under threat.

Why? You will know why, when you are residing in a country, you are no more an authorised citizen and don’t have money or any means to go back to your home country, and you are staying in a refugee camp! This is the bleakest of scenario.

Getting back to the purpose of this blog site: I just want to tell people out there, don’t lose hope. Get help of social service organisations and government departments set up for redressal of these kinds of family issues. Get help. Be informed. Move to a better future.

I attempt to talk about various issues an international family faces and relevant information, so that anyone who needs it, can be benefitted.